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CPSC Recall Check

CPSC Recall Check

Checking your inspection appliances with CPSC is FREE, no additional cost for any of your users. Home inspection clients also have access to add new appliances to their home report and run the recall check API. Not only is this service integrated but this means you do not have to share your data with any third party service. Why should you have to pay to give out your clients information for recalls?


Inspection Reports Your Way

A successful inspection company does more than just the industry SOP Home Inspection and that is exactly why we had to create ispecx software, limitations were not an option.

We removed all restrictions giving the user a code based template process that is easy to use and puts your company in the driver's seat. Any layout can be easily created with the drop in Macros and easy to edit source code, from Cover pages, Watermarks, Footers and Main page layouts, you're in command. 

Not the design type? Our team can help design any template file your company needs with complete customization. We work with Franchises and ever small firms, from one-page layouts to a complete portfolio, we are here for you.

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Ispecx allows inspectors to create Agent "TEAMS" - Offices often work as teams and with ispecx the communication is as easy as assigning an agent to a team. Reports and communication are as easy as just doing things once, with our send to a Team function. All of the team agents have access to all team files, reports, and documents. There is no chasing down reports.

To add a Team login to your dashboard and under 'Contacts' you will see a 'Team' tab. You can select to show all existing or simply add a new Team.


Create a Team name, add the team logo, add the team email and then select the 'Agency' the team belongs to. Now navigate to Agents tab and select the agent you wish to add to the team. All team related projects are sent to every team member or you can send just to the 'Teams' email address that was entered on the Team layout page.

Even better Agents can even create their own 'Teams' without the Business Admin having to enter anything. These settings are enabled from the Agents dashboard and are just another great feature of ispecx software that allows the Team Leader to remove members that are no longer part of the team.



True 360 Integration

Easily add 360 image views to your report. With a drag and drop interface and easy tags, anyone can use this advanced technology without having to read a manual. Inspectors can easily add hotspot links to the 360 image for deficiency report links.

Out of town clients now have a visual way of attending the inspection from the report. With live room images, the deficiency details are easily located and understood with hotspot links. These links get synced to the report layout allowing clients to understand more and bother you less. A virtual Inspection report made easy. No image stitching or coding required.