Review Tracker by ispecx

Get more Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, get more customers

New reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook platforms with higher ratings bring in new customers and boost your search ranking.

Ispecx users can now Automatically send SMS or email review requests to your customers. Score new reviews directly without any extra work.

Our automated review system allows Home Inspection companies to automate the process of asking for client reviews. Reviews that don't earn the 4/5 star rating are saved in your dashboard for client follow up. Reviews can be set to be sent minutes or days after completing the inspection. The review template is also customizable in the template editor.

So what are you waiting for? Automate your review system Today!

Monitor and Respond to Reviews 

Coming soon.. Review monitoring on review sites like Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List. You are alerted when you get a new review so you never miss a review -positive or negative.

Online Home Inspection Scheduler

Home Inspection Website Scheduling Made Easy

Our FREE Online Inspection appointment scheduling is transforming the way customers interact with home inspectors. It provides an entirely new way to engage with those you serve and the ispecx scheduler now makes it just so easy.

Ispecx website scheduler will help locate the best date/time for your inspection and send you immediate notification of the website order as well as the client. Let the ispecx scheduler notify you if someone starts a website order via text for immediate follow up if desired, or set the system on autopilot that will approve all appointments.

The organization admin can set the dates and times for your inspector's availability. With the website scheduler, each inspector’s availability shows without displaying the inspector's entire schedule. Inspectors can be assigned to map zones for availability and assigned services that they can perform.

  • Clients and Brokers can easily order inspections online directly through any website with a simple HTML code 
  • Adjust your schedule availability quickly, block your schedule for the weekend, vacation, etc. 
  • Call centers love our scheduler! They can easily take your calls and schedule based on your live calendar settings without the need for any API integration! 
  • Ability to map out areas inspectors service area with Google Map outlines, a must for multi-inspector firms!! Yes it's Included FREE
  • Have clients, inspector and office receive automatic emails and/or SMS messages/text when an appointment is made
  • Easily place on one or more websites, YES you can even include it on your Facebook page!!


NEW FEATURES: All online scheduled appointments now show in your calendar colored Orange for easy identification for approval.

How cool is ispecx Home Inspection Scheduler Auto Pilot? Very Cool! AutoPilot now is now even more full-proof with our new Phone Verification code. Ensuring the validity of your users is extremely important in preventing scheduling issues. A great way to do that is to attach a verified phone number to end-user accounts. From there, that user’s identity can easily be confirmed with a pin number sent to the phone number used to confirm the inspection appointment. If they do not validate then the appointment is not autoconfirmed. 

We have added a cool Auto-Pilot Feature with SMS Verification !!!

What is Scheduling Priority?

Our scheduler has Priority settings so inspectors can be selected by a priority rating. Inspectors with a higher rating will get priority on the schedule, they get the job over the new guy.

Multi inspector firms love this feature and so do the Priority inspectors:)



Priority Vendors: We also added a special code feature to the online scheduler that allows your Home Insection firm to assign dedicated codes. These codes allow Call centers to add appointments without a text verification code. These appointments are auto-approved and identifiable by the associated code. You can have as many codes created as needed. You can even use them to assign to brokers so they can schedule with instant approval as well, and they feel important having such access:)



Inspectors Need a Day Off Too!

That's Easy! Our system allows inspectors to enter into the scheduler days off without having to reconfigure the whole system. Inspectors just pick the days they want off and the scheduler blocks appointments for them and then resumes the inspector's normal routine after.






How to Install:

To place the scheduler on any webpage simply paste code below and change '' with your actual website and that's it! Its all ready to schedule a home inspection!

<p><iframe style="display: block; height: 100vh;" src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>

Newsletter Drip Campaigns


Our powerful, easy-to-use marketing tools can help your business take off.

Email newsletters are a great way to send out your team's latest announcements, but they have a major problem: new subscribers only see new emails, and never get the first emails you’d sent out to your list. All they’ll see is the stuff you send after they sign up. So how do we fix this?

Easy... With Drip Campaigns!

Often called drip campaigns but known by many other names—drip marketing, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation—the concept is the same: they’re a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. Perhaps one email will go out as soon as someone signs up, another will go out 2 days later, with one more going out the next week. Or, the emails can be varied based on triggers, or actions the person has performed like inquiring about a service or making needing a mold inspection, which is why they're also sometimes called behavioral emails.

Setting up drip email campaigns might seem daunting, so ispecX has taken all the hard work and made it easy to provide all the tools you need to make your drip campaigns successful.

Newsletters have complete Metrics - Opened Emails - Bounced Emails - Clicked Items and more! 

Lowest cost around! $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send with our integrated Amazon Plugin.

NEWLY ADDED: VERIFIED YES!  You may already know about our Email Verification Service. It's here! We are very excited to launch our newest product that will greatly improve your delivery rates and the quality of your contact lists. If you didn't have a chance to test it out yet, check it out and let us know what you think! 


Get up and running in minutes.

You may already know about our Email Verification Service. It's here! We are very excited to launch the BETA version of our newest product that will greatly improve your delivery rates and the quality of your contact lists. If you didn't have a chance to test it out yet, check it out and let us know what you think! Learn more about it here.

Don’t stop after just one email

Once you’ve engaged your audience with the initial email, keep the momentum going with a drip series of helpful content.

Everything you need to up your email marketing game.

Check out our resource library and become an expert yourself, discover tools and strategies that can boost your bottom line. With our Home Inspector Newsletter Templates, you can get started Now!

Check out our newsletter templates!


DOCUMENTracker File Management

ispecx new DOCUMENTracker app allows inspector companies to share documents between all members of the organization. Getting a W-9 form to a Vendor is now an easy task for the office staff. In simpler layman terms, a DOCUMENTracker management system can be described as an electronic version of a filing cabinet.

The staff just shares the company folder allowing access to the folder or specific files. These folder/file shares can be between clients, agents, vendors, contractor or any member of the organization. Think of it as an integrated DropBox. Even better your Agents can also create shared folders/files between clients, brokers, and inspectors. Form 17 is now easy to share for everyone. Ohh and yes even clients can use this App as well. Sending image folders over to vendors, Agents and Members are now easy, no more file sized restricted email attachment issues !!!!!

How To Use DOCUMENTtracker

To open the Documents App click the folder icon in the top left of the dashboard header.








To create a new folder click the 'New Folder' icon on the left of the dashboard. To just add a new file click the folder where the file is to be placed.

Blue Arrow indicates File/Folder is a Shared item to a user and a green arrow indicates the file is shared to the logged-in user. To view shared item click the Shared Folder icon. To remove a user from a shared status or add a user simply hover over folder/file and click the share button.

Click the Email button to send the shared file. Click the Download button to save the file to the local drive. Save and send Documents, PDFs, Movies and even complete folders to any Member or Team!!


Files and Folders can be shared with any of the Members and/or Teams.


Newsletter's Shouldn't Cost You Your Lunch

Get a smarter all-in-one Marketing Platform to start growing your Inspection business.

IspecX was created to help cut down the cost of running a business. An excessive monthly fee for everything adds up fast! Using the paid service of Constant Contact and MailChimp only allows so many subscribers and anyone in the industry knows it takes more than 2000 subscribers to get a decent ROI. So we took the simple concept of newsletters and coded an application into our software that allows inspection companies to send unlimited newsletters to an infinite number of recipients all included. Most inspection companies easily have 12,000 brokers in the service area, so send a newsletter to them ALL!!

You now have the ability to send to teams and specific agencies. Customize a John L Scott newsletter or send it just to Keller Williams agents within a certain zip code. It's all that easy with our integrated newsletters filter system.

Email Service Cost per 10 K Emails
MailChimp $ 200
Campaign Monitor $105
ispecX $ 1

At only $12.00 month and around 1.00 per 10,00 emails sent without skimping on the features you need. So we have a simple HTML editor with the ability to make professional templates with ease, and you can even use ours to get started. They are simple HTML and can be created in Microsoft Word and converted to HTML with ease. Just look at our cost saving for Home Inspection Newsletters alone!!! You would be spending over $295.00 a month using ConstantContact / MailChimp instead of our system! 

So Sign Up Today!

Adding a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Google Plus to your Site

It's easy to add your twitter feed to the homepage template. Log in to your dashboard and click the CMS navigation link, top right of the screen next to your profile image.


After you Navigate to your CMS dashboard click the tab "Settings" located in the left menu then click "General Settings" tab.

Now you will see under your site setting a field called Twitter Link, Facebook Link, and Google Plus Link.

Simply insert your Social Media URLs and the website app will then become live. Hit refresh on your homepage to verify you have entered the correct Twitter URL.


Front page feed is now live and should look like example image.


Bottom of your site pages the Social icons link should now be active.

Adding a Slider Image and Text to Page Headers

With page sliders, you can add slider images, text, and formatting all from the CMS dashboard.

Now Login to your dashboard and click the CMS navigation link, top right of the screen next to your profile image.


After you Navigate to your CMS dashboard, click the tab "Settings" located in the left menu. Under the Setting tab Click "Theme Settings."

Now open the 'Home Slider' tab


There are seven field settings to edit for each slider page.

 Image - Upload or select your slider image here, press 'Select Image' button


Title - Insert the slider title here


Title Color - Use the color picker tool or insert the color text code to apply color to the Title text.


Subtitle and Description fields are just as easy.

Sliders get organized by using the move icon and simple drag and drop, and sliders will display in order.

Change An Icon Image

Changing an icon image is very easy. Visit to view a library of available icons and simply just change the name on the dashboard. 



In the example below, we will change the at sign in the 'What We Do Section" of the HTML editor dashboard by changing 'fa-at' to the new icon name of 'archive' - So new code would read 'fa-archive' and the webpage will now display the archive icon image.

There are hundreds to choose from so have some fun!


Welcome to Newsletters

The other Home Inspection Software companies want you to export your list or use integration which mean you keep paying for extra services. We thought how silly is that when you have all your data nicely organized within your ispecx website?  So we created our own Newsletter system that is completely integrated and EASY to use.

So Drop your Constant Contact or Mailchimp!!!

INCLUDED in our Gold Plan.

We won't charge you a thing, it's all included with your ispecx Gold plan!! Unlimited email and contacts!! That saves you over $20.00 a month and we have no list size restrictions!

It’s easier to create emails using our editor. You can also use our responsive and easy-to-implement templates that have been created by our design experts.

More than 50% of all newsletters are read on mobile devices. Therefore, our email marketing solution for NGOs offers templates that are fully responsive and optimized for all devices. Optimized emails are adjusted to the size of the device being used by your subscribers, which translates into a seamless reading experience. Consequently, it results in better click through and conversions rates. All you need to do is to choose the right template and insert your message to the subscribers. You can also create your own, any HTML template can easily be pasted into the source code and then edited to meet your needs.

Now that is some good News!

But wait there's more!!!!

Newsletters also come with a great dashboard so you know which users open the mail, yearly stats, where it comes from and more.


Coming soon! Complete Drip Campaign management for SMS texting!

Create your own TEXT KEYWORD for direct marketing. Market 'TEXT TO' for landing page campaigns and more! Generate More Leads from your inspections!

Consistent Lead Generation

Ispecx’s Lead Pages convert 9-12X MORE website visitors into leads than the average website. How many leads is your website/marketing losing you each month?

5X MORE Sales Conversations

Ispecxl’s CRM responds instantly upon receiving the lead by sending a personalized text and email which results in 5X MORE Sales Conversations from new leads all on auto drive!

Inspector Business TOOL Tracker is here!!!

Yes, ispecX did that too!! We have added a business tool inventory database that helps your business track your entire business inventory. From the office equipment computers, printers to exactly what each inspector's vehicle has onboard at every location. Not only is this an easy way to manage your equipment but it is essential for any insurance claims due to theft, fire, or loss. It is also an even better way to determine the value your business needs for insurance coverage and policy updates and with built-in cost values tallying up your tool values are calculated for you. 

This feature is included in every ispecX Business package at no additional charge. The Value of ispecX just keeps adding up :) 

Note: Inspectors can't find this App in your dashboard? That is because this feature is a company admin app for Office staff access only.

Check out our CEtracker as well !!


The New iChat App Brings Your Team Together

Let's face it sometimes Emails get overlooked, misplaced or just ignored. So when the office has an import message to get to the inspector how is this accomplished easily? Putting the message right in front of them without the need to check mail or cell phone messages is a must. So how can this get done?

With iChat !! That's how. The ispecx instant messaging app allows instant messages to get posted on the inspector's dashboard where they can't miss it, lose it or forget it !!

This great tool also works with clients, vendors, agents, and staff. It is an endless post-it note for your business communication.

So what are you waiting for?

Get chatting today.... and Yes your ichat app is FREE for every user :)

How to use iChat:

Top left of the dashboard shows ichat icon, flashing red beacon indicates active new chat message received.


Clicking this icon will open the iChat dashboard interface. Active ichat groups are listed in left column of the dashboard with Green highlights of active ichat room.


Groups can be created among all members. This includes clients, inspectors, agents, vendors and more! Click the + icon to create a new Group. ispecx Support Group is the default for Admin of the inspection company. YES, Chats groups of any kind can be created. In this example it has the ispecx support group and the company PNWIG team chat groups listed, the PNWIG group was created for all inspectors within the company to easily message one another.

The Logo image field also allows users to add profile images to members name or group.

Inviting new member is also easy using the search icon. Simply type in a user name and click invite. Invites allow members to know they have been invited to a ichat group.

YES !! Subscription to this App enables the iChate features for all members of the organization!!!!

( Easy to follow video tutorials will follow on final UI update, questions please contact us )

** This entire site was created with an ispecx inspector website, FREE to all Inspection companies!! 

CE Credit Tracker

Time flies and keeping track of all your license continuing education credit requirements shouldn't drag your business down. So that is why we at ispecx have created our CE Tracker to manage all of your business CE requirements!! We then thought about how could we make it even better? 

With CEtracker you can add as many license types as needed as well as set the hour requirements needed per license. Email notifications can also be set along with currently scheduled CE classes as reminders of the scheduled class. 

Especially useful for multi-inspector firms! So sit back and relax, CEtracker is watching out for you!


Easily add company inspectors and unlimited licenses with our inspector dashboard.... dashboard also comes with Light and Dark theme settings:)

Check out our TOOLtracker

Setting up your Email

We recommend using a Gmail account for your email service. Gmail provides excellent virus protection and spam filters. G-Suite also makes it easy to create an account with Gmail under your domain name such as To begin to follow these steps from

Once you're all set up there is no need to navigate to the Google Mail site, everything you need is within your ispecx user's dashboard for you and all the businesses inspectors.

Creating A Blog Article

Blogs are created from the Admin Panel dashboard. All features are located under the Blog tab.

Under the 'Listing Blog' tab, you can view all active Categories

Under the Listing Blog tab, this where current Blog articles are viewed for editing purposes.

+ Add New under each category is self-explanatory.


Creating a new Blog

Press the + Add New Blog to create a new blog.

Use the drop down to select a Category for the Blog.

Tip: The Blog editor window is responsive, you can drag it as large as needed to gain screen real estate 


Creating the Blog is as easy as using a word processor. All the standard feature are along the top toolbar and are simply selected by clicking on them. Easy HTML format code can be viewed by using the Source button. 


Tip: Use source mode and simply paste in HTML code from any editor of your choice! 


The 'Image file' selector is the image for the Article Thumbnail displayed on the main Blog site home page. 

All Blog articles can also be easily exported using the CVS button on the bottom of the Blog list screen. Note: Export is really not necessary, your site is backed up by our system daily:)

Miles Tracker - Mileage Reporting Made Easy

Keeping track of mileage for tax purposes and inspector miles driven reimbursements just got easier. Our automated tracking system allows scheduled jobs to be tracked from point A to B with just a click of the mouse. Add GPS to any vehicle with ease, it's just plugged in! Track oil pressure, driver speed, routes, time inspectors arrive, time inspectors, leave, and more. Inspectors get assigned to a vehicle, and the tracker does the rest. From one job to the next every mile is calculated for you, recorded, date stamped and stored. Users can also keep track of Vehicle maintenance, and equipment stored in the vehicle as well.

Just another one of our great Tracker Apps!! Be sure to check out all of them.


Inserting a YouTube Video

We made inserting a video simple with the Ispecx CMS editor. Just copy and paste.

Go to the Youtube page URL you wish to insert and click the Share button.

From the Share selection menu choose Embed. Make sure the checkbox for Show suggested videos, Controls, and Title are unchecked. Removing the recommended video gives your site a cleaner look and keeps your visitors on your page!!


Now in the shown source code copy the https: link code ONLY 


Now Login to your dashboard and click the CMS navigation link, top right of the screen next to your profile image.


After you Navigate to your CMS dashboard, click the tab "Settings" located in the left menu. Under the Setting tab Click "Theme Settings."

Click the 'Video Testimonial' tab and Paste the link in the Video Url field. That's it your done. This method gets implemented in the same way.


Home Inspection Company Website

That's right!!!! You can have a website with our ispecX package that completely integrates the software into your company image. Why? Simply because it just makes sense. You work hard to earn your clients and keeping all your visitors on your site and not jumping them around to third parties domains hurts your SEO. You deserve the credit for your site traffic and to the Search Engine Kings, it Matters. That is exactly why we put our system on your domain and keep your clients on your business page. You have control of full business dashboards and CMS all within your own site. Your APIs, Your Contacts, Your Invoicing, Your Contracts.... It Is Your Business. So what are you waiting for? 

Bring your Brokers and Clients to your new website and hit that easy button! Contact us for a Low-Cost Home Inspector Website 

Responsive Home Inspector Websites

ispecX builds websites with Ruby on Rails for home inspectors. Our websites are built to be responsive, meaning they work great on mobile devices as well as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

NO WordPress here... Every CMS and framework suffers the occasional security flaw. However, WordPress has a “richer” history of security bugs and choices in the system that lead to vulnerabilities, including various exploits and vulnerabilities in downloadable themes and plugins.

Yes, WordPress installation is a snap. In fact, the last time I installed a copy it took less than the advertised 5 minutes. 

But we would never use a platform for a project where saving a few minutes on the installation - even a couple of hours - was a priority. That would mean looking at the project and the timeline and saying, “Well, we better pick a platform that we can install in a few minutes, and totally ignore how it will affect the operation of the business, growth, and operation.”

Who does that?

Yes, for the hobbyist blogger this matters. A lot. But for a professional home inspection business web project, saving a few minutes is not worth the consideration.

Need a custom App created, APIs? YES, we can do that too! No Restrictions!

Home Inspection Websites