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We integrated with Google G-Suite and have integrated a custom dashboard which eliminates having to navigate out of you dashboard. All Gmail accounts work with our system. All other email can be forward to a Gmail account to gain all benefits of the integration.


Two-Step Verification is Required, use this link to setup


Now that your 2-step is set to ON navigate to Google Accounts page and Goto your Security Section and Select App Password




Select App MAIL And Name Device 'Your CO Name/Mail'

Step 4:

Generate Password and copy

Step 5:

Navigate to your Dashboard and in your Profile Paste the Google App Password into the SMTP Password Field


Step 6:

Name your outgoing email name and click 'Update Your Email Configuration' button 


You would just need to point your domain name to the IP of your site. We will provide assistance with it as part of the Business Package sign up.

All sites get a free domain which is ALL secured with an SSL certificate. As for certificates for custom domains - we'd need to install them manually on the server and then it will be needed to create an additional TXT record with your domain registrar to verify domain name ownership, but again we don't charge you xtra!!  

WOW.... Others charge $20-42.00 a month for a nonintegrated website!!! 

That brings your savings to $240-$500+ a year in Hosting alone.

Complete responsive website templates coded for speed and ispecx integration. Because it is your business... We have created a customized dashboard that allows you to edit your website anytime you feel a need for change. New services, new photos, new content, One click theme color customization, Sliders, embed video, blogs, banners, icons - You are in the driver's seat! and of course, we are here to help:)


Our Client are Home Inspectors, Landscapers, Pest Control, Mold Companies, Commercial Consultants and more.

We are continually adding templates so check back for updated templates. Don't see one you like? Contact us and we will customize one for you!

PNWIG Template:

ispecx software user

Sidebar Template:

  (877) isp-ecx1 (477-3291)


Ispecx has 24/7 admin support and maintenance performed internally by Ispecx Production server administration team.