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Our powerful, easy-to-use marketing tools can help your business take off.

Email newsletters are a great way to send out your team's latest announcements, but they have a major problem: new subscribers only see new emails, and never get the first emails you’d sent out to your list. All they’ll see is the stuff you send after they sign up. So how do we fix this?

Easy... With Drip Campaigns!

Often called drip campaigns but known by many other names—drip marketing, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation—the concept is the same: they’re a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. Perhaps one email will go out as soon as someone signs up, another will go out 2 days later, with one more going out the next week. Or, the emails can be varied based on triggers, or actions the person has performed like inquiring about a service or making needing a mold inspection, which is why they're also sometimes called behavioral emails.

Setting up drip email campaigns might seem daunting, so ispecx has taken all the hard work and made it easy to provide all the tools you need to make your drip campaigns successful.

Newsletters have complete Metrics - Opened Emails - Bounced Emails - Clicked Items and more! 

NEWLY ADDED: VERIFIED YES! Now you know your email list is valid with our confirmed email address verifier! This works for all your contacts and subscribers with our new pre-flight Verifier API !!!  

Get up and running in minutes.

Don’t stop after just one email

Once you’ve engaged your audience with the initial email, keep the momentum going with a drip series of helpful content.

Everything you need to up your email marketing game.

Check out our resource library and become an expert yourself, discover tools and strategies that can boost your bottom line.