Newsletter's Shouldn't Cost You Your Lunch

Get a smarter all-in-one Marketing Platform to start growing your Inspection business.

IspecX was created to help cut down the cost of running a business. An excessive monthly fee for everything adds up fast! Using the paid service of Constant Contact and MailChimp only allows so many subscribers and anyone in the industry knows it takes more than 2000 subscribers to get a decent ROI. So we took the simple concept of newsletters and coded an application into our software that allows inspection companies to send unlimited newsletters to an infinite number of recipients all included. Most inspection companies easily have 12,000 brokers in the service area, so send a newsletter to them ALL!!

You now have the ability to send to teams and specific agencies. Customize a John L Scott newsletter or send it just to Keller Williams agents within a certain zip code. It's all that easy with our integrated newsletters filter system.

Email Service Cost per 10 K Emails
MailChimp $ 200
Campaign Monitor $105
ispecX $ 1

At only $12.00 month and around 1.00 per 10,00 emails sent without skimping on the features you need. So we have a simple HTML editor with the ability to make professional templates with ease, and you can even use ours to get started. They are simple HTML and can be created in Microsoft Word and converted to HTML with ease. Just look at our cost saving for Home Inspection Newsletters alone!!! You would be spending over $295.00 a month using ConstantContact / MailChimp instead of our system! 

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