DOCUMENTracker File Management

ispecx new DOCUMENTracker app allows inspector companies to share documents between all members of the organization. Getting a W-9 form to a Vendor is now an easy task for the office staff. In simpler layman terms, a DOCUMENTracker management system can be described as an electronic version of a filing cabinet.

The staff just shares the company folder allowing access to the folder or specific files. These folder/file shares can be between clients, agents, vendors, contractor or any member of the organization. Think of it as an integrated DropBox. Even better your Agents can also create shared folders/files between clients, brokers, and inspectors. Form 17 is now easy to share for everyone. Ohh and yes even clients can use this App as well. Sending image folders over to vendors, Agents and Members are now easy, no more file sized restricted email attachment issues !!!!!

How To Use DOCUMENTtracker

To open the Documents App click the folder icon in the top left of the dashboard header.








To create a new folder click the 'New Folder' icon on the left of the dashboard. To just add a new file click the folder where the file is to be placed.

Blue Arrow indicates File/Folder is a Shared item to a user and a green arrow indicates the file is shared to the logged-in user. To view shared item click the Shared Folder icon. To remove a user from a shared status or add a user simply hover over folder/file and click the share button.

Click the Email button to send the shared file. Click the Download button to save the file to the local drive. Save and send Documents, PDFs, Movies and even complete folders to any Member or Team!!


Files and Folders can be shared with any of the Members and/or Teams.