Washington State SPI Reporting Template

Washington Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report

Ispecx Software includes the WSPCA Washington Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report form in the Template market place. The WSPCA Report is the official wood destroying insect report form, required by the Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Reporting Criteria found in WAC 16-228-2005 through 16-228-2045. This form may also be used in conjunction with the NPMA-33 form.

WAC 16-228-2060

Specific wood destroying organism inspection reports.

(1) A specific WDO inspection report must be completed in conjunction with any proposal or estimate for the prevention or control of WDOs. Pest management activities performed under an existing warranty will not require the preparation of a specific WDO inspection report.

(2) A specific WDO inspection report must not be construed as a complete WDO inspection report or, in any case, be used in lieu of a complete WDO inspection report for the sale, exchange, or refinancing of real property. A statement explaining the restriction against use in real estate transactions must stand out by having larger print than the main body of the report, be highlighted, underlined, or be in bold print on all specific WDO inspection reports.

(3) Report form: A specific WDO inspection report may take any written form in presentation, provided that all elements of this section are identifiable.

(4) A specific WDO inspection report must be issued to the person requesting the inspection.

(5) Report contents: Specific WDO inspection reports will contain the information identified in this section, when and where applicable.

(a) The name of the owner (or their representative) requesting the inspection or estimate for pest management of WDOs must be provided on the first page of the report.

(b) Date: The date the inspection was conducted must be provided on the first page of the report.

(c) Address of structure inspected: The complete address will include, but is not limited to, building number, street name, city, and state and must be identified on the first page of the report. Where multiple buildings at a property may have the same basic address, a building letter, unit number, or other recognizable method must be used to identify the specific building inspected.

(d) Inspector: The name of the inspector and WSDA license number must be provided on the first page of the report.

(6) Report of findings: A specific WDO inspection report must detail the findings of the inspector. The following minimum conditions, where applicable, must be in the body of the report.

(a) The report must include a statement describing the presence of, or signs of, infestation by WDOs that were identified and resulted in the proposal or estimate. Approximate location(s) of the WDOs or signs of infestation(s) reported on or in the structure must be clearly identified on a diagram. If the proposed treatment is for preventative purposes only, the report must so state. All WDOs must be identified by their proper name as described in WAC 16-228-2005.

(b) When a proposal or estimate is prepared for the treatment of moisture ants, dampwood termites, wood infesting beetles, or wood decay fungi the inspector must, where possible, identify and report the condition(s) conducive to such infestations. It must be stated in the report that infestations of such WDOs may be eliminated by the removal of all infested wood and correction of any contributing conducive conditions.

(7) Diagrams: A diagram must be prepared for each inspection report and must accompany that report.

(a) A diagram is not required when there are no findings as described in WAC 16-228-2015 and 16-228-2025.

(b) Scaled diagrams are not required however, diagrams must reasonably resemble the perimeter or footprint of the building being inspected and legibly convey any information that is a required part of the diagram.

(c) A diagram must identify the approximate location of WDOs and/or signs of infestation(s) by WDOs.

(d) Where abbreviations are used on a diagram, a legend must be provided to explain the abbreviations.

(8) A record of all specific WDO inspection reports must be maintained on file by the inspecting firm for a period of one year. Upon request, these records must be made available to the WSDA.