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Import your Template from HomeGauge into Ispecx

How to Import your Template from HomeGauge Inspection Software

HomeGauge users asked for it!! So we are pleased to announce our HG Import engine!

If you have HG templates, our automated import engine can give you a head start in pulling in all those narrative libraries into ispecx with only one click!

We’ve created an automated script to import your templates from HomeGauge.  Our system will apply our Tag system to all your HomeGauge comments so you’ll have a head-start on getting your ispecx template ready.  With our Tags reporting system, all future templates will have all your comments auto-assigned with our template engine. Simply adding any Tag to your report sections is now effortless, these Tags are Global and eliminates the need to assign new comments over and over again.

Our automated script engine does its best to convert other software code over to our more complex system. Our code conversion is very close to what your use to but unfortunately, modifications to the conversion will likely be needed, but it sure beats starting from scratch, so look through your template and correct any errors, unformatted text, etc. before use.

Template Import Steps

First, you will need to make sure you have an Obersation layout created and set as default. This layout will be used during import and can be changed back after the HomeGauge template import is completed.

HomeGauge template files end in the extension .ht5 or .htc

ispecx import engine will recognize the template file extensions and apply the proper decoding engine to the template (Spectora, HIP, Whisper, HomeGauge)

HG Template files are stored in:


Goto the ispecx Main templates page and select the second import icon. This will import into all third-party templates.

Ispecx import will happen all backend. Your templates will show in the template library and will be grayed out during creation. Once completed they will turn into the standard yellow icon folder. At this time you can open your template and begin preview.

Our Import Engine for Whisper Reporter, Spectora, Home Inspector Pro HIP coming soon!